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Intro - Who Says You Can't Teach Our Brain New Tricks? - Introduction to the Monthly Brain Blog Series

This blog is being written and monitored by Dr. Sharon Kochlany (one of the LCWA board members) who is an expert in cognitive training and executive function. She is an executive function coach and a Play Attention Certified Provider. Each week, she will share another tip to improve your cognitive skills. The brain at any age can improve. Research is now showing that many adults have ADHD. These adults went throughout school without ever being diagnosed. Many of these blogs will revolve around Adult and child ADHD as many of us have grandchildren or children with ADHD as well. Those who have ADHD have weaknesses in executive function and therefore this will be another area of brain processing that will be covered.

Come back each month to become more aware of what you can do so that you can ward off mental decline. I am going to separate these discussions each month as they are getting a little tedious to read in one blog discussion. Feel free to contribute to the blog as well. Writing can help executive function. Post your questions as well.

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Index of Blogs in the Series:

January 2023: Blog #1 - Cognitive Skills & Executive Function February 2023: Blog #2 - Brain Fog

March 2023: Blog #3 - To Every Brain There Is a Season: How the Seasons Affect Our Brains

April 2023: Blog #4 - What is ADHD?

May 2023: Blog #5 - Do You Have ADHD?

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