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  • Welcome to the LCWA Blog!

    Introduction: The LCWA blogs are intended to provide an open forum to express your reflections and ideas related to our organization's mission and vision. Sometimes, they will further discussion on a topic presented at our meetings. They might contain helpful tips and/or recommendations regarding technology, senior living, health, diet, community events, books, events etc. At other times, they might focus on member accomplishments, businesses, crafts, hobbies, etc. They will be an evolving platform becoming what you the members want them to be. We don't want to be restrictive and say there will be only one new topic per week or per month. There may be several new blogs posted at once. They will be created on a as needs basis. Some Guidelines: The blogs are meant to be positive and uplifting. They provide LCWA members opportunities to broaden their awareness on topics and provide positive input to the organization. This is not an avenue to vent or get political. Each member and their ideas are to be respected. If you don't have something nice to say, then please don't post! The blog will be monitored. Anyone violating these guidelines will lose their posting privileges.

  • Keep the ideas coming...

    Click here to expand. We started collecting ideas for fundraising, volunteering opportunities, and fun events at our meeting on January 20th for the future! Our mission is to help stop child abuse by contributing donations to the Lake Sumter Advocacy Center, while building friendships amongst our members and having fun! Please continue the discussion by posting additional ideas that you might have.

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    News! September Newsletter Calendar Share Thoughts! LCWA is a nonprofit organization consisting of women meeting in friendship. We contribute and channel our efforts dedicating our time, services, talents, and financial aid to the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center, to help Stop Child Abuse! We provide the children things that they don't have putting a smile on their faces. Throughout the year, we provide juice and snacks, stuffed animals, clothing, afghans, toiletries, toys, arts and crafts supplies, as well as school supplies. Our mission is to help stop child abuse! Our big fundraiser is our December Holiday Luncheon (See pictures below). We hold monthly luncheon meetings with featured speakers and entertaining activities. Come and see what we are all about and join in our efforts to put a smile on children's faces. For more information email: or call Lu 352-728-1277 or Cathy 352-728-8442 . Read More X-Mas in December Awesome Auction! X-Mas in July - Bingo Extravaganza! Read More To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Hover Here for Slideshow.


    WELCOME! Please welcome our new 2022 members: ​ Ellie Blondin (01/01/22) Carol Chastain (01/01/22) Geri Duffy (01/01/22) Margie-Ann Feczo (01/01/22) Bobbi Fleischer (01/01/22) Jeannette Glinke (01/01/22) Linda Lewis (01/01/22) Jan Simpson (01/01/22) Ellen Wiebe (01/01/22) Marge Millen (01/10/22) Michelle Mayhew (01/11/22) Traci Vinson (01/20/22) Diana Szelak (01/26/22) Louise Morrill (02/01/22) Donna Breeze (02/02/22) Lena Barnum-Taubl (02/04/22) Mary Anderson (02/07/22) Darlene Whitaker (02/08/22) Sherry Rosenthal (02/20/22) Kathy Davis (02/24/22) Karen Ragne (02/24/22) Jane Rowe (02/24/22) Jane Ward (02/24/22) Carol DeCicco (03/03/22) Margot Saylor (03/04/22) Max Karpf (03/24/22) Lynne Klaczak) (03/24/22) Dolores LaCourte (03/24/22) Rita Pennypacker (03/24/22) Joyce LaMonica (03/24/22) Jo Crowell (03/28/22) Barbara Weese (03/30/22) Lorna Harris (04/10/22) ​ Sylvia Herman (06/10/22) Janet Clark (04/20/22) Christine Suslowicz (6/10/22) Nettie Goeler (06/16/22) Carla Konopacki (06/16/22) Rori Moesta (06/16/22) Mary Vaughan (6/16/22) Miriam Retzke (06/20/22) Barbara Colello (06/24/22) Robbye Stuart-Russell (07/09/22) Cindy Phelps (07/28/22) Margaret Siegmund (07/28/22) Lucille DiSanto 07/29/22) Rebessa Fadik (07/30/22) Jeanette Wilson (07/30/22) Lucy Menzer (08/01/22) Ardie Miller (08/03/22) Suzette Smith (08/05/22) Miriam Craig (08/10/22) Kelly Somersall (08/17/22) Marjorie Kaplan ( ) ​ SUNSHINE Please contact Cathy Schultzel if you know of a member or friend of LCWA that is ill or in need of a bit of Sunshine. Cathy will mail a card to let them know that we are thinking of them. 352-728-8442 COMING SOON! Advocacy Tour Boat Tour

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